Tangle Furry Fidget Friends - Uni The Unicorn - Plush Fidget Toy Furry Friend - Magical, Creative Creatures from The Tanglonia Universe - Take Your Furry Fidget Friend with You Everywhere!

€ 24,99 (including VAT 21%)
In stock
Dimensions (l,w,h) 33,02 x 15,24 x 7,62 cm

Introducing our All-New Tangle Furry Fidget Friends! This adorable assortment of soft, bendable, and super tactile buddies is perfect for sensory seekers and Tangle lovers everywhere! Collect all 5 friends!

- Not for children under 3 years

FEEL GOOD: Playing with a Tangle is relaxing and improves concentration for people of all ages. Use the Tangle in a classroom or the office and feel the amazing effects of fidgeting with the original fidget toy, The Tangle!

PLUSH FIDGET TOY: Tangle Furry Fidget Friends combines two of the most popular ways of play. Fidget and Plush! Tangle Furry Fidget Friends include a real Palm Tangle on the inside, wrapped with a soft layer of high quality plush and a brand new collectible character!

TANGLE FURRY FIDGET FRIENDS: Take your Furry Fidget Friend with you everywhere and create adventures with your sensory seeking companion! Each Character comes with a friendship ID Card so you can make your Furry Friend come to life!

PLUSH TANGLE FIDGET TOY: Tangle Furry Fidget Friends is the original Plush Tangle! Uni The Unicorn is part of The Limited Furry Fidget Friends Wonder Series. Each Character is from The Tanglonia Universe where every creature is magical and creative.

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