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Tangle Relax Therapy Reduce stress naturally with this twistable rubberized…
€ 9,99
In stock
Tangle Toys - Wild Junior - Camouflage Meet the wildest Tangle collection! The 6 Tangle Wild…
€ 7,99
In stock
Tangle Toys - Pets Junior - Unicorn ZURU Tangle Pets are the cutest new friends that you can…
€ 7,99
In stock
Tangle Toys - Crush Junior - Slime These are the newest Tangles: 'Fire', 'Galaxy', 'Rainbow',…
€ 6,99
In stock


Tangle Museum Chrome The Museum Chrome Tangle is sculptural art that moves! The…
€ 159,99
In stock
Tangle Crush 6-Pack These are the newest Tangles: 'Fire', 'Galaxy', 'Rainbow',…
€ 41,99 € 37,99
In stock
Tangle Wild 6-Pack Meet the wildest Tangle collection! The 6 Tangle Wild…
€ 47,99 € 42,99
In stock
Tangle Fuzzies 6-Pack Fuzzy and multi-colored, you won’t be able to put this…
€ 47,99 € 42,99
In stock

Tangle Junior

The original Tangle is a series of 90-degree curved sections, jointed together and able to pivot at each point. A Tangle has no beginning and no end.

Experientially, a Tangle is much more than a series of connected curves.

Tangle Creations' mission is to continue to invent and develop products that stimulate the creativity of kids around the world!

Tangle Therapy

The Tangle Therapy is a device that consists of 20 interconnected twistable pieces.

This twistable therapy device is an ergonomic approach to hand therapy,

minor stress and pain relief, building fine motor skills, and much more.

Soft texturized rubber bumps on this Tangle provide a one-of-a-kind and tactile experience in your hands!

Tangle BrainTools

In young children communication between the left and right hemispheres is still emerging. It is not until about age ten or twelve that the brain is fully communicating between both hemispheres. Movement is critical for cognition especially in young children because it unifies all brain levels and provides the learner with the opportunity to utilize both sides of the brain resulting in whole brain functioning.

Tangle NightBall

NightBall’s revolutionary LED technology make it the brightest nighttime sports balls on the market. Even better than glow in the dark, NightBalls light up the action well past sundown! Our collection includes LED basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, baseball bats and more! Made with high quality materials and super bright motion-activated LEDs, the possibilities for nighttime play patterns are endless with Tangle NightBall.

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